Program Requirements - Microsoft Office Application Specialist (MF51)
Program Requirements
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Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisite / Corequisite Contact Hours Semester Grade
Occupational Courses
CIST 2126 Comprehensive Presentations and eMail Techniques 3 [REQ]: Program Admission[CO]: None 75
CIST 2127 Comprehensive Word Processing Techniques 3 [REQ]: None[CO]: None 75
CIST 2128 Comprehensive Spreadsheet Techniques 3 [REQ]: None[CO]: None 75
CIST 2129 Comprehensive Database Techniques 4 [REQ]: None[CO]: None 105
COMP 1000 Introduction to Computers 3 [REQ]: Provisional Admission[CO]: Provisional Admission 75
Total Credit Hours Planned:16Total Contact Hours Planned:405
Total Credit Hours Completed:Total Contact Hours Completed:
Admission Criteria

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Printed: May. 24th 2015